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18 Step Method

Our 18 Step Teaching Method

STEP 1-8 Kite Control

  1. Kite & Control Bar Settings  Setting the Kite up at the beach, Controlling the Bar, releasing lines, connecting and security systems

  2. Kite control introduction sitting at shore, wind window explanation, handling the kite with one hand

  3. Kite control standing, feeling the kite while standing up kite resistance management, independent one hand handling

  4. Kite control walking forward, handling kite walking forward into the sea, one hand performance

  5. Kite control introducing 2 hands, handling kite position 9 to 12, learning how to introduce and manage with a second hand on bar

  6. Kite control changing sides, handling kite position 9 to 3, control kite with both hands while changing sides and changing hands

  7. Total Kite control in Slow-motion, developing precise control turning kite 9 to 3, one slow speed on total control, turning without stopping

  8. Total Kite control with speed & power, perform what was learned before, handling kite 9 to 3 fast, simultaneous releasing bar tension on turning sides and changing hands, handling power and speed




  1. Kite Ejection retake & Rearming,  The student learns how to eject the kite from the bar quick release system, recover the kite, rearm and relaunch

  2. Body Dragging board recovery, This exercise teaches the student how to return back to the board when it´s lost after falling, gives the student the skills to drag upwind through the water using the kite power to the sides, at this point the student is able to get some distance away from de instructor but always attached to him by a rope. This is a security measurement, that only our school provides and ensures, that the student isn't dragged out on the sea.

  3. Body Dragging with board, This step is an emergency exercise that provides the students the security skills needed for kiteboarding performance, properly done board dragging is used in three basic situations, when the kite is leaking air or the wind is to weak so it can't support the riders weight or when the wind is to strong, to control the power of the kite or the chop of the water.



  1. ​Sit and pick up left, Learn how to use the power of the kite to stand and sit, handling it high to the left side

  2. Sit and pick up right, Learn how to direct the hips towards the kite, stand and sit using it´s power to the right side

  3. Controlling left to right sitting and standing, Direct kite from left to right standing and sitting changing sides, performing hip direction and kite control simultaneously

  4. Dragging heels left to right, through the sand in very shallow water, stepping on the heals while leaning back, directing kite to generate the power needed, changing sides on motion, turning left to right and vice versa, using the kite power

  5. Dragging hanging on the kite, in deeper water handling kite high to both sides directing hips towards kite directing on the motion while dragging side to side, keeping balance with toes out of water.



  1. Board directing using kite, learn how to direct your body towards the kite position, steer the kite in a high range level, turn left to right and vice versa dragging side to side using the kite power 

  2. Hang on kite to Riding position,  Start to enjoy your riding experience, this is your last step and in no time you should be riding and sliding over the water hanging on the kite and surfing the waves

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